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Primrose, Fuschia, Bracken, Haws

Brian is also an avid home cook with a 5 star rating from the Foods Standards Agency. You can have the chance to taste from the hedgerow as well as ‘super unami’ rich treats from the pantry.

Whatever is seasonally available or Brian is cooking up in his wild kitchen! Wild jellies, jams, pickles, hedgerow fruit leathers, mushroom deserts, ‘funky’ fermented foods of all sorts – wild plants, seeds, seaweeds and mushrooms.
Sample simple but effective age old herbal folk remedies.

Please Note: The following lists of plants and Wildflowers are not all edibles and some are poisonous species.


• New life bursting forth everywhere on ditch, tree, field & mountain stream
• Blackthorn & Fairy Thorn Blossom
• Lesser Celendine
• Wood anemone
• Primrose, Dandelion and Violets
• Golden Whins light up the hillsides
• Succulent Wall Pennywort
• Zesty Sorrell – wood and common
• A Sea of Bluebells


• Golden stands of Bracken Fern as nature slows
• Pasture fungi
• Blackberry, Gooseberry, Raspberry
• Mountain Ash berries
• Hazelnut
• Haws, Hips and Sloes
• Armagh Apples


• The hedgerows, stone ditches and fields come alive with abundant growth.
• Fragrant Meadow sweet
• Fairy Thimbles Foxglove
• Tasty Blackberries
• Wild Angelica & Birds foot trefoil
• Lady’s Mantle -Brian’s Grannies herb
• Golden Broom & Honeyed Fuschia
• Bugle – the carpenter’s friend
• Heady scent of Honeysuckle


• Wildlife including mountain goats and deer often come down from the higher mountain for shelter.
• Golden stands of Bracken Fern
• Fairy Potatoes & ‘Silverweed
• Icicled wall pennywort-natures lollypop
• Dew heavy cobweb lace on golden gorse
• Fox, badger & Wildlife tracks on frosty field

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Foraging in the Foothills