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About Us

What We Do

We offer fully guided outdoors experiences with a difference !

Foraging walks and Workshops, Unique On-Farm Heritage events, Hill-Walking, Mountain skills training all set in the historic Ring of Gullion, Mourne and Cooley Mountains, a largely undiscovered area of outstanding natural beauty that makes up the borderlands of East Ulster, the gate way to Irelands Ancient East.

Foraging for wild edible and medicinal plants, fungi and seaweeds is a way of life for us. Brian will share with you what has been handed down in his family through countless generations. He has spent a lifetime trying to reconnect with much of that tacit knowledge that has been forgotten but all the time, still there just below the surface.

Folklore, Plantlore, Fairies, Old Medicinal Charms and Cures whispered at the hearthside many of which are now being proven scentifically.


Why Choose Us

  • Seventh generation Irish hill farmers, local and authentic
  • Fully qualified Mountain leader (MLS) accredited by Mountaineering Ireland
  • We share your passion for walking, nature, history, folklore and culture
  • Members of The Mountain Training Association
  • Fully qualified Tour Guide accredited by TGNI
  • Seasoned foragers of hedgerow, coast and fungi
  • Always a smile and bit of craic, professional and friendly
  • 5* Approved by The Foods Standards Agency N.I.
Full pint of Guinness on table with blazing turf fire in the grate behind
Mountain Ways Ireland -Around Cooley Penisula (14)

What can I expect from a day with Mountain Ways Ireland?

No we don’t supply the black stuff but if that’s your thing then, in the evening, we can certainly point you in the right direction.

Whatever type of experience you choose with us, be it a foraging walk, mountain hike, navigation training day or maybe our ‘Booley and Butter Tour’ – we promise to put 110% effort into making it as enjoyable a day as possible for you. A special experience to cherish.

You will always receive a professional , courteous and friendly service.

More important than all of that, the craic will always be good no matter what the weather throws at us !

Escape – Embrace – Enjoy

Each morning you head out, in your own time, after a great night’s sleep, a generous hearty breakfast, your batteries recharged ready to explore new pathways, myths and legends at every turn in the trail.

You need to smell the freshness of the air, taste, feel and sense this wonderful part of the world that you are passing through.

From day one, you can switch off, embrace and immerse fully in the rich culture of Ireland.

Trust us to look after the detail and you will go home refreshed, revitalized and already planning your next adventure with us

Guided Experiences

man in blue sitting on rock in high mountains

Trust Us

Let Mountain Ways Ireland design the perfect experience for you where you will immerse yourself in the landscape and culture of this ancient land on the fringe of Europe.

Just like you we are walkers, we love to explore and discover new cultures, the real essence of any country or area that we visit. We want to get off the beaten track, meet the local people and hear their stories. We want to taste the local food understand the history and embrace the experience.

We understand all the small things that are so important, the warm welcome and smile at your accomodation at the end of the days walking, the offer of a cup of tea or coffee, the offer to dry your damp clothes.

All these small things make the escape so much better.

  • We always deliver an experience for you what we would want for ourselves.
  • We listen to what you have to say, what you maybe want to tweak or change.
  • Trust us to look after the details.
  • Check out what people have to say about us on Tripadvisor or other review forums, all links at the bottom of the page.

We want you to go home from your experience with memories to cherish, feeling refreshed and re-connected with nature. We want you to come back on another adventure with us.

We will always share the real heart and soul of the country.