Frequently Asked Questions | Mountain Ways Ireland

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of experiences do you provide ?
  • - Foraging in all seasons, learn about edible, medicinal and poisonous
    wild plants, fungi and seaweed.
    - 'Booley and Butter', - - a unique on-farm experience, butter making
    and forgotten farming traditions
    - Guided mountain walks with qulified mountain leaders, in The Ring of
    Gullion, Mourne and Cooley Mountains
    - Mountain skills and leadership training,
    - Historical tours.

    Catering for everybody from private family bookings to Tour operator Groups.

  • How do I book a guided experience, workshop or walk?
  • You should first check our scheduled 'Upcoming Events Calendar' on the homepage. Any experience on there can be booked and paid directly online using all major credit cards. Our paymment gateways are secure to a worldclass level.

  • How do I book a private experience, workshop or walk directly with you?
  • If your choice of experience or walk is not scheduled at a convenient time or date on our 'Upcoming Events Calendar' then you can contact us via email ( or telephone ( 00353 87 2243176 )

  • What is the minimum group size that you will take ?
  • We can offer one to one private bookings for any of our experiences but obviously the rate will will be more costly, please contact us directly to enquire about your specific needs..

  • What is your cancellation policy ?
  • We do not offer refunds or date transfers under any circumstances. You do have the option to gift your ticket to somebody else. We spend a great deal of effort and money marketing our events and many of them sell out so I hope you understand why bookings are non-refundable.

  • Can I re-schedule my booking / change the date ?
  • We put a lot of effort, time and expense into marketing our events. Many are sold out and we regularly turn people away. I'm afraid we cannot re-schedule your event date once the booking is made. However, with our prior approval in writing (email), you are welcome to gift your ticket to a friend.

  • When will you be offering self-guided walking holidays again?
  • Unfortunately we have been forced to suspend all self-guided walking holidays because of the uncertainty around Covid. We don't have a concrete date when these will become available again but it is envisaged this could be 2024.

    We continue to offer fully guided day hikes, foraging and unique on farm cultural experiences !

  • What is a self-guided Hiking Holiday?
  • A Self- Guided vacation has the best of both worlds. After listening to what you tell us, you then trust us, the local experts on the ground, to pre-plan your routes, how far you will walk each day, book your accommodation, point out the points of interest along the way and recommend best places to eat and drink. All of this plus a comprehensive custom information pack and back up support without being tied down to a guide or group schedule.

    On a Mountain Ways Ireland Self- Guided break, you spend an extra hour in bed if you feel like it, have a great breakfast to set you up for the day and later enjoy the stunning landscape that awaits you as you walk at your own pace and in the company of who you choose.

    Meanwhile we’ll transfer your bags to the next wonderful accommodation that we’ve booked for you meaning that all you have to carry are the essentials in small day-pack.

  • When can we go on a self-guided Hiking Holiday?
  • You can begin your self -guided holiday on any date between the 1st of March and the 12th of October.
    Please Note that all self - guided walking holidays have been suspended for the forseeable future owing to the Covid pandemic.
    Guided walks, experiences and workshops are open and bookable.

  • Does a nine-day hiking holiday include nine days hiking?
  • No, our 9-Day vacations include 7 days of hiking. The first and last days your hiking tour are always travel days used to transfer you to/from the town where your hike will begin/end. If you have seven days in total for your break, then you can hike for 5.

  • Does a nine-day tour include nine nights’ accommodation?
  • No, our 9-Day tours include 8 nights of accommodation. To explain- these will be the first 8 nights on your hiking tour. Your vacation with us finishes on the ninth day when you check out of your last B&B.We will provide all onward travel information.

  • What is a single supplement?
  • This is pretty much standard concept. A single (room) supplement is an additional charge for walkers booking single accommodation (a room for one person). The total hiking holiday cost per person requesting a single room is the price per person plus the single supplement. Please note that we require as much notice as possible to book this option as not all B&B’s have the facilities.

  • Can we bring a dog?
  • Sorry, it is not possible to bring any pets on our hiking holidays or for that matter on any of our fully guided hiking days. This is not because we are not animal lovers but for several practical reasons.

  • Can we buy bus / rail tickets in advance?
  • Yes, most bus and train tickets can be purchased online in advance. Rail or bus information is available for each specific hiking region on our pages. For example, visit any of our Wicklow Way self-guided Hiking breaks and all links have been given under the heading ‘Travel Details’.

  • If I arrive by car, where can I park it?
  • Most B& B owners will accommodate you parking your car, however you must let us know this in advance so that we can arrange and confirm for you.

  • Will we have to carry our own bags?
  • Don’t worry, all that you need to carry on your daily hikes is a small day pack which holds the essentials.Mountain ways Ireland will look after the rest, your luggage will be transported to your next accommodation each day as you walk and will arrive before 4pm. Please note that a maximum weight limit of 15 kg per person applies to this luggage transfer service.

  • What type of accommodation will we be staying in?
  • Mostly, you will be staying in traditional Bed & Breakfasts (B&B’s) or small guesthouses along the way. We have carefully selected each one of these especially for you. Our selections are based on the best available location, best food, best reviews but our overarching consideration is that you receive a warm hospitable welcome, a ‘home away from home'. We listen carefully to the feedback from past customers.
    You should expect en-suite facilities and great breakfast. That homely touch that strikes the right balance between feeling comfortable in your own space but not that you are imposing in someone else's home

  • Can we get a list of our accommodation before we arrive?
  • Yes, as soon as you have completed the booking process for your individual hiking holiday, we have confirmed everything and compiled your bespoke information pack then we can let you know.

  • What is the difference between a double room and a twin room?
  • A double room is a room for two people with one large bed. A twin room is a room for two people but with two separate beds.

  • Will our accommodation be close to a local village, restaurants, pubs etc. ?
  • Yes, this is one of the key considerations that we take into account when we select your accommodation however it is not always possible.
    It is important to note two things:

    At times there may be no option but that you are staying in a remote location where access to local pubs, restaurants etc. is not feasible. We will always advise you of this and the B&B owner will provide a good meal if requested in advance.
    On rare occasions, due to a limited supply of Accomodation, we may need to make reservations in alternative B&B s close by or even use one B&B for multiple nights. If this is the case, we will always arrange complimentary transfers both to and from the trail head.

    Neither of these 2 scenarios are the norm on your hiking holiday but it's important to understand that at times it can occur.

  • What is included in my information pack?
  • Full Route notes with easy to read route descriptions.
    Full and detailed maps to cover the entire route.
    Waterproof map case just in case!
    Mountain safety, country code and leave no trace principle information.
    Tips on best places to eat and drink
    An itinerary and route planned by professionals including all relevant contact details for accomodation, local taxis etc.
    Don’t walk past it, we will tell you about Historical and cultural Points of interest along the way.
    We’re at the end of the phone should you require any emergency support.

  • How many information packs will I receive?
  • One information pack will be provided for every four people booked on.
    For example,if there are 6 of you then we’ll send two packs.

  • What language will my hiking pack be in?
  • The contents of your hiking pack (route notes, accommodation information, history, etc.) will all be in English.

  • Do we need to be fit to go on a hiking holiday?
  • Mountain ways Ireland is unique as a company in that don’t just offer one size fits all. It's one of the things that sets us apart. We have spent a lot of time looking at each regional walk and have created where possible hiking packages that will hopefully cover a wide range of fitness levels.
    We offer ‘leisurely’, ‘Moderate’ and ‘Challenging’ wherever feasible.
    So have a look at what each level means in our ‘Hiking Tour Grades’ guidelines and don’t hesitate to contact us for a bit of personal advice.

  • What is the difference between Leisurely, Moderate and Challenging walks?
  • The difference between these grades or levels of walk is based mostly on two things 1. the distance and 2. the overall height gain or ascent on the day. The actual underfoot terrain also has a bearing e.g. walking on a clear well-maintained path is much easier than on an open mountainside.
    As a general rule of thumb, Leisurely hikes cover an average of 12-18 km (8-11 miles) per day, Moderate hikes cover an average of 16-23 km (10-14 miles) per day and Challenging hikes cover an average of 22-30 km (14-19 miles) per day. For a more detailed description, please visit our ‘Hiking Tour Grades 'page.

  • Is a rest day included?
  • Not by default but we are more than happy to arrange an extra night in any location along the way. We make specific suggestions for additional activities and best places to stop off for an extra day in the detailed notes about specific hiking areas.
    Please note that this must be arranged in advance at the time of booking the overall package.

  • Can I find ATM machines along the routes?
  • Yes, ATM facilities are available in many of the towns and villages along the route. Credit cards are also accepted by many bars and restaurants. However, as a common sense measure you should carry a reasonable amount of cash.

  • What is the currency along the routes in Ireland?
  • The currency used in the Republic of Ireland is the (€) Euro. The currency used in Northern Ireland is the (£) Pound Sterling. Therefore, if you are taking an Antrim Glens and Causeway Coast or a Mourne, Cooley, Gullion hiking holiday, you will need Pound Sterling and for all our other regions in Ireland, you will need Euro.

  • How can I pay for my Mountain ways Ireland Hiking Holiday?
  • We accept all major credit or debit cards through our secure online payment gateway, stripe.
    Alternatively, we also offer PayPal as a method of payment.

  • Can I pay in dollars or my own currency?
  • Although we don’t issue invoices in US Dollars or other currency, you can easily check an approximate exchange rate that will be applied at the time of payment. This should not fluctuate much from the FX rate on the day.

  • Are flights or transport part of the hiking package?
  • No, flights and transport to and from the start/end point of your hiking holiday are not included in our prices. However, we do provide detailed timetables for all public transport options. Where necessary along the trail then we will arrange complimentary transport. Most of our Hiking Holidays have been designed in a way that means you will always be starting or finishing in an accessible location.

  • Do I need holiday insurance?
  • Mountain ways Ireland recommend that you have adequate personal Holiday insurance.

  • Will my phone work?
  • Most areas will have good coverage but there still remain some isolated blackspots. You should check specifically with your network provider before you travel regarding both coverage and roaming rates.

  • Do you have a recommended kit list?
  • Yes, please we can send you a recommended ‘kit list’ depending on the route and time of year and if you’re not sure what to pack then please do contact us because like most avid hikers we love to talk about gear, everyone has an opinion! In all seriousness the team at Mountain Ways Ireland have wide-ranging experience of many multi day long distance hikes under our belts in a variety of terrains and conditions. Ireland and Scotland particularly due mainly to their location exposed to the vagaries of the Atlantic weather systems can experience all four seasons in one day, in the matter of an hour infact.Thats what makes us so green and beautiful.
    Hiking and packing for the Camino is a totally different proposition and again with our experience we are here to help share our knowledge.