A course designed as the next step in navigation training following on from Introduction to navigation skills

Improvers Navigation 1

Grid References

  • National Grid, Four-Figure grid reference, Six Figure grid references
  • Introduce the Compass

Route Planning

The importance of planning and preparation

  • A photocopy of a map with marked route
  • Route card showing the required elements
  • Use of route card in emergencies but also as a risk assessment document.

Pacing and Timing

A more accurate way of gauging distance travelled

  • Pacing exercise – find your own personal pace count per 100 metres
  • Pacing variation and underfoot terrain, vegetation, broken ground, and slope
  • Measuring distances on maps
  • Nasmith’s Rule
  • Timing calculations


To further build on map-reading, contour recognition and more accurate means of measuring the distance from the map and on the ground.

  • Pacing
  • Timing
  • The ground beneath our feet and all around us – feature recognition
12 February 2022
19 February 2022
10 am
Mournes, Gullion, Cooley TBC
£ 50 pp
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