Improvers Navigation 2

A course designed as the next step in navigation training following on from Improvers  navigation 1

Introduction to compass

  • Introduction to Compass
  • Compass points – cardinal points, 360 degree system
  • The different North’s– true, grid, magnetic
  • What is a bearing
  • Estimating bearings from a map …step by step approach
  • Taking bearings from a map with compass
  • Taking grid and magnetic bearings
  • How to walk on a bearing

Route Planning

  • The selection of walking routes from the map – in good/poor weather
  • Hazard identification with steep ground, bog,fences,forestry, rivers, etc.
  • Bad weather alternatives, escape routes
  • Use of route card
  • Use of guidebooks and online information, forums and other people in route planning

Hill Walk

  • Building on map-reading skills, the concept of timing and pacing, and to practice the compass theory introduced earlier.
  • General map-reading, setting map by features
  • Setting the map using a compass
  • Timing calculations
  • Taking bearings from map
  • Walking on a bearing
  • Back-bearings
  • Feature recognition – close, distant
  • Simple Navigational techniques – attack points, aiming off,
20 February 2022
10 am
Mournes, Gullion, Cooley TBC
£ 50 pp
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